We are closed to walk-ins but we are scheduling appointments for tenants with eviction issues. Click here to schedule your appointment. If you have a non-landlord/tenant issue or question, please contact us at 702-386-1070 or email info@lacsn.org for assistance. Click here for more information and to access our COVID-19 Legal & Financial Toolkit.


If you're behind on rent and facing eviction, here are some steps to take right now:

Protect Yourself

The CDC eviction protections are effective through June 30, 2021, but they aren’t automatic.  You must sign a CDC declaration if you qualify and give it to your landlord. Visit www.lacsn.org/declaration for the form. If you’ve already given a declaration, make sure it was the CDC form. If it wasn’t, provide a new one to your landlord as soon as possible.

Apply for Rental Assistance

Free rental assistance is available to tenants who qualify! Visit chap.clarkcountynv.gov to apply. If you’ve applied already, check your CHAP account, and make sure your information is updated and complete. 

Respond to an Eviction Notice

If your landlord gives you an eviction notice, read it thoroughly. Make sure you know the deadline to file an answer with the court. If you don’t file an answer, your landlord can evict you automatically by default! Las Vegas residents can prepare and file their answers online. Other tenants can use the program to prepare their forms and email them to the court. Get started by selecting "SUMMARY EVICTION: Tenant's Answer" at www.lacsn.org/efile.

Inform the Court

When you file the Tenant Answer, be sure to include whether you applied for CHAP and the status of the application. If your landlord refused to cooperate with CHAP and/or refused to accept payment from CHAP, include that information. Inform the judge and mediator too.

Request Mediation

Free mediation is available if your eviction is for nonpayment of rent. If you request mediation in the answer you file, the court will delay your eviction hearing 30 days so a mediator can help you and your landlord work things out.

If you need help, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is available at 702-386-1070 or visit www.civillawselfhelpcenter.org.

More resources are available at www.lacsn.org/covid-19.

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