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Mission: The preservation of access to justice and the provision of quality legal counsel, advice and representation for individuals who are unable to protect their rights because they cannot afford an attorney.

  • Barbara E. Buckley, Esq. Executive Director
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  • Terry Bratton Chief Financial Director
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  • Venicia Considine, Esq. Director of Development and Community Relations
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  • Christine Smith Director of Community Initiatives and Outreach
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  • Bailey Bortolin, Esq. Director of Advocacy and Strategic Initiatives
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  • Sandra Melito, Director of Human Resources
  • Alejandro Flores-Duran, Consumer Rights Project
  • Alex Matter, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Amy Connell, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Ana Ibarra, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Ana Ramirez, Family Justice Project
  • Andrea Velasco, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Angelica Corona, Immigration Advocacy Project
  • Anna Caceres, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Anthony MacKenzie, Civil Law Self-Help Center
  • A'Sha Ward, Consumer Rights Project
  • Blanca Nunez, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Brenda Grageola, Family Justice Project
  • Carina Gamboa-Flores, Consumer Rights Project
  • Carlos Sanchez, Consumer Rights Project
  • Carmen Ramirez, Pro Bono Project
  • Caroline Taylor, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Cindy Morales Kerben, Pro Bono Project
  • Clariza Magat, Resiliency & Justice Center
  • David Narvaez-Manriquez, Consumer Rights Project
  • Edelia Garcia, Consumer Rights Project
  • Elizabeth Montes, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Estela Ramirez, Consumer Rights Project
  • Gerardo Olvera, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Gicola Wright, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Ilka Fisher, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Irene Rodriguez, Family Justice Project
  • Janyne Diaz, Consumer Rights Project
  • Jasmine Rodriguez, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Jaymie Junsay, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Jeanette Gonzalez, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Jennifer Kenan, Resiliency & Justice Center
  • Jill Jaranilla, Consumer Rights Project
  • Johanna Ayon, Civil Law Self-Help Center
  • Karla Muneton, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Karla Retiguin, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Kat Williams, Civil Law Self-Help Center
  • Lin Martinez Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Linda Hernandez, Consumer Rights Project
  • Lizeth Barboza, Immigration Advocacy Project
  • Lucia Villanueva, Consumer Rights Project
  • Lupe Ledezma, Consumer Rights Project
  • Marco Guerra, Civil Law Self-Help Center
  • Mariah Murphy, Immigration Advocacy Project
  • Melissa Moreno, Resiliency & Justice Center
  • Miguel Ordanez, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Miriam Diaz, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Niria Del Toro, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Nisey Garcia, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Pamela Pearson, Civil Law Self-Help Center
  • Patricia Fernandez, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Patricia Lawson, Consumer Rights Project
  • Samuel Reyes, Consumer Rights Project
  • Selena Vedro, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Silvina Gimenez, Family Justice Project
  • Stephany Garcia, Consumer Rights Project
  • Tammy Twitchell-Maskew, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Tara Dye, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Victor Urbina, Civil Law Self-Help Center
  • Yesenia Alvarez, Consumer Rights Project
  • Yesica Rodriguez, Resiliency & Justice Center
  • Aileen YeoFamily Justice Project
  • Alicia Woods, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Ana Gaitan, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Cesar Flores, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Cristina Rosas, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Earlean Nelson-Deal, Family Justice Project
  • Elena Thomas, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Elizabeth Gomez, Consumer Rights Project
  • Erika Velez, Immigration Advocacy Project
  • Jennifer Bocek-Dobijanski, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Jissela Sandoval, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Julie Fox, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Karen Virgen, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Keila Morales, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Kimli Nguyen, Consumer Rights Project
  • Lisa Silon, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Liz Siravo, Pro Bono Project
  • Maggie Cormier, Consumer Rights Project
  • Michelle DiNapoli, Guardianship Advocacy Project
  • Nikki Kotler, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Penny Walker, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Rosalba Sales, Immigration Advocacy Project
  • Rose Reinosa, Consumer Rights Project
  • Sherry Woodard, Immigration Advocacy Project
  • Valencia Wilson, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Abe Cantu, Office Facilities Assistant
  • Adriana Solorzano, Receptionist
  • Anthony Anguille-Valles, Community Justice Fellow
  • Brenda Cardona, Data Entry/Receptionist
  • Brian Birdsong, IT Systems Administrator
  • Crystal Cota, Accountant
  • Debbie Jacoby, Executive Assistant
  • Gwen Dixon, Grants Manager
  • Jared Golub, Digital Media & Design Coordinator
  • Jimmie Kruze, IT/Network Specialist
  • Jonathan Norman, State Wide Advocacy, Outreach & Policy Director
  • Liz Murillo, Bookkeeper
  • Rick DeRousse, IT/Network Specialist
  • Ryan Melyan, HR Assistant
  • Samantha Snelling, Admin Assistant

Unlike most private law firms, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is governed by an independent Board of Directors, not owned by partners. The board members each volunteer their time to ensure Legal Aid Center is serving a vital community need. Without their guidance and support, our services would not be available.

Emeritus Board Member

Randall Jones headshot

J. Randall Jones, Esq. 
Emeritus Board Secretary
Served 1987-2023
Co-counsel on Legal Aid Center major class action suits and donor to every Legal Aid Center campaign.
Thirty-six years of service and dedication to bringing hope and justice to every member of our community.