Client Income Eligibility Standards

Clients will be eligible for Legal Aid Center services if their income and number of people in their household conform to the following guidelines:

People in Household Maximum Annual Income Maximum Monthly Income
1  $40,073  $3,339
2  $45,760  $3,813
3  $51,513  $4,293
4  $57,265  $4,772
5  $61,803  $5,150
6  $66,405  $5,534
7  $71,005  $5,917
8 (or more)  $75,545  $6,295


Client must have less then $5,000 in assets, excluding house or car. 

Figures based upon 65% of 2023 median family income in Nevada ($88,100). Revised and effective March 15, 2024.


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