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Without justice, crime echoes through generations

Every 38 minutes, someone experiences a violent crime in Nevada, and 1 October fundamentally changed how our state thinks about and responds to horrificacts of violence.

Our community’s first comprehensive, multi-agency collaborative entity, the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, was created to provide services to  the victims’ families, survivors, and first responders of the worst mass shooting in modern history. But the need remains great for victims of violent crime across the state. Our current facilities and staffing levels cannot manage our increasing volume of cases, and yet, we refuse to turn away anyone who needs us. 

This is why we must grow. With your help, we can complete our plans for the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada Advocacy & Justice Complex, a statewide service campus where any Nevadan who has experienced the devastating trauma of violent crime can find justice and begin to heal.

Together, we can transform the landscape of victims’ services in Nevada for decades to come. 

Support us in transforming crime victim services in Nevada


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