If you are a tenant who has received an eviction notice or order, please visit the Civil Law Self-Help Center ASAP on the first floor of the Regional Justice Center at 200 Lewis Ave downtown. Other tenants with questions can connect with a legal advocate by calling 702-386-1070 or by emailing info@lacsn.org. Click here for more information and to access our COVID-19 Legal & Financial Toolkit.


Debt Collection

debt collection

If you have questions about what creditors can do if you fall behind on a debt or what your rights are if you are contacted by a collection agency, see our Debt Collection brochure here.

If you have been sued for money (a debt) and no judgment has been entered against you, there are certain steps you need to take. Visit the Civil Law Self Help Center website here for access to forms and legal information about cases involving lawsuits for money. You will learn the overview of a civil case, how to respond to a complaint for money and much, much more.

If you have been sued for money and a judgment has been entered against you, find out whether your wages can be garnished or whether any of your personal property is subject to attachment. You will find legal information about judgments and collection on the Civil Law Self Help Center website here or see our Attachment and Garnishment brochure here. If you believe your property is exempt, or cannot be taken by a judgment creditor under the law, you must take certain steps. Learn more about the types of property a creditor can and cannot take here and what you can do to claim an exemption here

If you have a default judgment against you and you believe the judgment is in error or you were never personally served with the summons and complaint, you can learn what is required to set aside a default judgment here

If you are still unsure what steps to take, you may come in during walk in hours which are Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9am and 4pm to meet with our intake staff. Please bring all relevant paperwork with you when you come in along with identification and proof of income.