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The emergency fund for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas mass shooting set up by our Resiliency & Justice Center (previously known as the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center) closed on June 1, 2024.

We are incredibly thankful for each contribution given to the Vegas Strong Resiliency & Justice Center UNLV Fund. The families of the deceased and injured are grateful for the community support. A total of $165,375.21 was donated by 414 individuals! Distributions were given per donor intent with remaining donations going to the families based on an equal division.

The resiliency center's staff continues to work with all those impacted by the December 6, 2023, tragedy at UNLV to connect them with ongoing resources for support, including legal assistance, weekly support groups, mental health providers, integrative services, peer support, and financial reimbursement through Nevada's Victims of Crime Program (VOCP). For more information, visit

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