TENANTS: There's no state or federal eviction moratorium in place, meaning you'll face immediate eviction if you don’t take action after receiving an eviction notice. If you've received an eviction notice or order, please visit the Civil Law Self-Help Center ASAP at the Regional Justice Center at 200 Lewis Ave downtown. Other tenants with questions can connect with a legal advocate at 702-386-1070 or info@lacsn.org. For more info and our COVID-19 Legal & Financial Toolkit, click here.


Client Income Eligibility Standards

Clients will be eligible for LEGAL AID CENTER services if their income and number of people in their household conform to the following guidelines:

People in Household Max. Yearly Income Max. Month Income
1 $27,390 $2,284
2 $31,350 $2,613
3 $35,255 $2,938
4 $39,160 $3,263
5 $42,295 $3,525
6 $45,430 $3,788
7 $48,565 $4,046
8 (& above) $51,700 $4,309

Prospective clients should also not have more than $5,000 in net assets other than one motor vehicle and/or work related equipment.

Revised and effective January 1, 2019.