During the COVID-19 crisis, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is here for you. Call us at 702-386-1070 or connect with us via email at info@lacsn.org. We will continue to respond to the needs of the community by helping individuals and families affected by the current circumstances. Click here for more information and to access our COVID-19 Legal & Financial Toolkit.


Client Income Eligibility Standards

Clients will be eligible for LEGAL AID CENTER services if their income and number of people in their household conform to the following guidelines:

People in Household Max. Yearly Income Max. Month Income
1 $27,390 $2,284
2 $31,350 $2,613
3 $35,255 $2,938
4 $39,160 $3,263
5 $42,295 $3,525
6 $45,430 $3,788
7 $48,565 $4,046
8 (& above) $51,700 $4,309

Prospective clients should also not have more than $5,000 in net assets other than one motor vehicle and/or work related equipment.

Revised and effective January 1, 2019.