Mission: The preservation of access to justice and the provision of quality legal counsel, advice and representation for individuals who are unable to protect their rights because they cannot afford an attorney.


Barbara E. Buckley, Esq.
Executive Director
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Dan Wulz, Esq.
Deputy Executive Director
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Terry Bratton
Chief Financial Director
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  • Aileen YeoConsumer Rights Project
  • Alejandro Flores-Duran, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Angelica Corona, Consumer Rights Project
  • Anna Caceres, Civil Law Self-Help Center
  • Celina Mason, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Elizabeth Montes, Consumer Rights Project
  • Erin McAloon, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Eva Garcia, Civil Law Self-Help Center
  • Guadalupe Barraza, Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Gwen Dixon, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Ilka Szaktilla, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Ingrid Marroquin, Consumer Rights Project
  • Jaymie Junsay, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Kat Williams, Civil Law Self-Helf Center
  • Linda Gutierrez, Pro Bono Project
  • Lorena Quintero, Civil Law Self-Help Center
  • Lupe Ledezma, Consumer Rights Project
  • Magaly Kochis, Family Justice Project
  • Murielle VillaGomez, Family Justice Project
  • Pamela Pearson, Civil Law Self-Help Center
  • Rocio Gonzalez, Family Justice Project
  • Sara Feest, Pro Bono Project
  • Silvina Gimenez, Family Justice Project
  • Violeta Mendez, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Yolanda Navarro, Civil Law Self-Help Center

Legal Assistants

  • Amanda Holly, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Amy Berlin, Consumer Rights Project
  • Carrie Brigham, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Daisy Casuso, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Earlean Nelson-Deal, Family Justice Project
  • Haly Pannullo, Children's Attorneys Project
  • LaTosha Kelly, Children's Attorneys Project
  • Maggie Cormier, Consumer Rights Project
  • Miguel Flores, Family Justice Project
  • Regina White, Family Justice Project
  • Rosie Najera, Consumer Rights Project
  • Sasha Hinkel, Pro Bono Project
  • Scarlett Fisher, Children's Attorneys Project

Administrative Staff

  • Bryan Glynn, Office Assistant
  • Debbie Jacoby, Executive Assistant
  • Julio Gonzales, Runner
  • Liz Murillo, Office Assistant
  • Marc Vaccarino, IT Systems Administrator
  • Rosalba Sales, Receptionist
  • Sandra Arballo, Office Manager

Board of Directors

Unlike most private law firms, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is governed by an independent Board of Directors, not owned by partners. The board members each volunteer their time to ensure Legal Aid Center is serving a vital community need. Without their guidance and support, our services would not be available.