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July 6, 2016

Michael Burton
ABC 13 Action News

Man who had been hospitalized says air conditioning is broken yet again

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UPDATE: Man who had been hospitalized says air conditioning is broken yet again

A family on the valley's east side is without air conditioning once again.

SECOND UPDATE: A family on the valley's east side is without air conditioning once again.

The family called us last week after their AC broke in their apartment. They say it was because the property managers refused to replace the unit.

After our cameras confronted them, the AC was fixed the next day.

However, on Wednesday, we learned it was broken again, sending Shane Knight to the hospital for a second time.

"The air conditioning worked for about 3 days and then the air conditioner went out again," Knight said. " I called management yesterday and they hung up on me."

Our crew called the office manager, but she was unavailable for comment. 

UPDATE: Shane Wright sent 13 Action News a Facebook message saying his air conditioning has been fixed.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A man was sent to the hospital after going days without air conditioning. He says he's been begging for help and it’s a shame that he had to call 13 Action News to shake up the property managers.

Shane Knight is asking for a new apartment and all of his moving expenses paid for. Our 13 Action News crew met up with Knight on Tuesday outside of his hospital room.

He moved into Enclave Apartments near Tropicana Avenue and Spencer Street 3 years ago, but he didn't think the living conditions would send him to University Medical Center. He passed out Monday after the apartment became too hot to bare.

"I couldn't remember my name,” said Knight. “I didn't remember what year it was. I didn't know where I was."

He lives with three other family members. They say the property managers have sent maintenance workers to fix the air conditioning unit several times, but soon after, it breaks yet again.

"They've been sending out a maintenance guy,” said Knight. “The last time he came out, he said he'd clean the coils on the AC unit. A professional AC unit was out their yesterday before I passed out and he said the coils have never been touched."

Knight's brother Sean Gay says the failed attempts have forced the maintenance team to install a portable cooler that only cools the living room, which is where the entire family is now living.

"We moved our bed out here in the front room where at least we can get some air from this cooler."

The office manager offered the family a new apartment in the complex, but many of them have physical disabilities and they need professional help for the move. They also say they may not be able to afford the cost of a moving company.

"Who's going to help us move?” Knight asked. “Who's going to help us move all that stuff and get all the utilities switched and that's going to cost money?”

They're calling on the apartment complex to completely finance the move. In Las Vegas, apartment complexes are legally required to have working AC units throughout. We spoke with civil attorney Lauren Pena who says, if the tenants have to come out of pocket for moving expenses, they can sue the complex for reimbursement.

"When it comes to essential services, the law is written in such a way that if they have to find the essential service them self, like a fan or AC unit, they can deduct that from the rent,” said Pena.

Knight has already decided to take legal action.

"I've already been in contact with a really good attorney here in town and he told me yes, start the suing process."

Our news crew approached the office manager for comment. She kicked us off the property.