If you’re at risk of eviction, follow our tips to prevent being evicted without a hearing. Click here for details.


Minor Guardianship

Grandfather and grandson outside happyV2We represent adults and minors in guardianship matters. Learn more about who we helped and our accomplishments by clicking here to view our 2020 report on our Adult Guardianship and Minor Guardianship Advocacy Programs.

For information on how to establish an uncontested guardianship for an adult or child, how to prepare for the hearing, and how to represent yourself in court, please attend a free weekly Guardianship class. Access the class calendar by clicking here.   

If you're looking for information about our Guardianship Advocacy Program, which provides legal representation to adults and minors, click here.

If you're interested in learning about the guardianship process, you can access legal information and guardianship forms on the Family Law Self-Help Center website here

The Supreme Court of Nevada established a Nevada Guardianship Compliance Office and a Guardianship Fraud Hotline to report concerns. The hotline number is 1-833-421-7711. Access information about the Compliance Office here.

Information about special education transition planning, alternatives to guardianship, and more topics related to youth approaching adulthood can be found in the toolkit below.