TENANTS: There's no state or federal eviction moratorium in place, meaning you'll face immediate eviction if you don’t take action after receiving an eviction notice. If you've received an eviction notice or order, please visit the Civil Law Self-Help Center ASAP at the Regional Justice Center at 200 Lewis Ave downtown. Other tenants with questions can connect with a legal advocate at 702-386-1070 or info@lacsn.org. For more info and our COVID-19 Legal & Financial Toolkit, click here.


VAWA Requirements:

  1. You are married to a Legal Permanent Resident or U.S. Citizen or have been divorced for less than two years.
  2. You must prove their legal status.  A social security number is NOT sufficient to continue with your VAWA application.
  3. You have suffered substantial physical or mental abuse as a result of having been a victim of domestic violence.
  4. You married the person in Good Faith.
  5. You are a person of Good Moral Character.