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Resources for Domestic Violence

Recursos de Violencia Domestica

(All numbers are in the 702 area code unless otherwise indicated)

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Police Emergency πŸ“ž 911
Fire Emergency πŸ“ž 911
Boulder City Police Department πŸ“ž 293-9224
Henderson Police Department πŸ“ž 565-8933
Ambulance Dispatch Center πŸ“ž 384-3400
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police πŸ“ž 229-3111
Poison Control πŸ“ž 732-4989
North Las Vegas Police πŸ“ž 633-9111
Nevada Highway Patrol πŸ“ž 486-4100

Important Telephone Numbers

HELP Team for Homeless Persons πŸ“ž 229-4348
Nat’l Missing & Exploited Children πŸ“ž 388-2888
Mount Charleston πŸ“ž 1-800-492-6565
Clark County Fire Department πŸ“ž 1-800-843-5678

Homeless & Emergency Shelters

Interfaith Hospitality Network πŸ“ž 638-8806
Clark Cty Emergency TPO πŸ“ž 646-4981 πŸ“ 400 W Van Buren, Las Vegas, NV
Clark Cty Court TPO Office πŸ“ž 455-3400 πŸ“ 480 W Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Rescue Mission πŸ“ž 382-1766
National Crisis Hotline πŸ“ž 1-800-799-SAFE
Nevada Crisis Hotline πŸ“ž 1-800-486-7282
St. Vincent’s Annex πŸ“ž 384-0409 πŸ“ 1526 N Main St, Las Vegas, NV
SAFE House Crisis (Henderson) πŸ“ž 564-3227
SAFE House (offices) πŸ“ž 451-4203
Salvation Army Shelter πŸ“ž 639-1876 πŸ“ 35 W Owens, North Las Vegas, NV
Safe Nest Crisis (LV, NLV) πŸ“ž 646-4981
Safe Nest (Offices) πŸ“ž 877-0133
The Shade Tree πŸ“ž 385-4596 πŸ“ 1 W Owens, Las Vegas, NV
The Shade Tree Crisis (LV) πŸ“ž 385-4596
The Shade Tree (offices) πŸ“ž 385-0072
WestCare Youth Shelter πŸ“ž 385-3332 πŸ“ 300 E Charleston, Las Vegas, NV

Other Hotline Services

Child Abuse Hotline πŸ“ž 399-0081
Catholic Charities πŸ“ž 383-0766 πŸ“ 1560 N Main St, Las Vegas, NV
Child Protective Services πŸ“ž 455-5481
Mental Health Crisis Center πŸ“ž 486-8020
Christ Church Episcopal πŸ“ž 735-7655
Missing Children (NV) πŸ“ž 486-3539 πŸ“ 2000 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV
Poison Control, Clark County πŸ“ž 732-4989
Christ the King Church πŸ“ž 871-1904 πŸ“ 4925 Torrey Pines, Las Vegas, NV
Rape Crisis Hotline πŸ“ž 366-1640
Senior Protective Services πŸ“ž 455-8687
Community Food Bank πŸ“ž 643-0074
Southwest Passage (espaΓ±ol) πŸ“ž 631-8722 πŸ“ 4601 E Cheyenne #111, Las Vegas, NV
Suicide Prevention πŸ“ž 1-877-885-HOPE
HACA πŸ“ž 486-6770 πŸ“ 145 Panama, Henderson, NV
Suicide Hotline-Clark Cty πŸ“ž 731-2990
Salvation Army Family Center πŸ“ž 649-8240 πŸ“ 35 W Owens, Las Vegas, NV
WestCare Detoxification Center πŸ“ž 383-3044
Weekend Emergency Assistance πŸ“ž 383-4054
WestCare Youth Shelter πŸ“ž 385-3330 πŸ“ 1501 N Main, Las Vegas, NV
Alcohol Drug Treatment And Referral πŸ“ž 1-800-454-8966
Women, Infants & Children πŸ“ž 647-2171 πŸ“ 2220 Comstock Dr, Las Vegas, NV

Transitional Housing

Ashley House πŸ“ž 647-2010
Golden Rule, Inc. πŸ“ž 383-0847 πŸ“ 624 E Stewart, Las Vegas, NV
Project Home (EOB) πŸ“ž 647-3307 πŸ“ 330 W Washington, Ste 7, Las Vegas, NV
Real Property Services Corp. πŸ“ž 385-6935
Women’s Development Cntr πŸ“ž 796-7770 πŸ“ 953 E Sahara, Ste 201, Las Vegas, NV


Boulder City Jail πŸ“ž 293-9224
Clark County Custody Information πŸ“ž 671-3900
Clark County Detention Center πŸ“ž 455-3700
Henderson City Jail πŸ“ž 565-2028
Juvenile Booking πŸ“ž 455-5450
Las Vegas City Custody Information πŸ“ž 229-6429
Las Vegas City Jail πŸ“ž 229-6099
Las Vegas METRO Custody πŸ“ž 455-3900
North Las Vegas City Jail πŸ“ž 633-1404
Clark County Housing Authority πŸ“ž 451-8041
Las Vegas Housing Authority πŸ“ž 386-2727
N. Las Vegas Housing Auth. πŸ“ž 649-2451
EOB Housing Assistance πŸ“ž 657-7816
Women’s Development Cntr. πŸ“ž 796-7770

Child Care Information/Assistance

EOB Child Care Assistance πŸ“ž 387-0985
Clark County CC Licensing (referrals) πŸ“ž 455-3894
Clark County CC Assoc. (referrals) πŸ“ž 734-0504
Las Vegas City Licensing (referrals) πŸ“ž 229-6922
Nevada State Licensing (referrals) πŸ“ž 486-5099
Clark County District Atty. πŸ“ž 455-4204
Henderson Police πŸ“ž 565-2525
Las Vegas City Attorney πŸ“ž 229-2525
Las Vegas METRO (not DV) πŸ“ž 229-2955
Las Vegas METRO (DV) πŸ“ž 229-2690
Nevada Attorney General πŸ“ž 486-3539
North Las Vegas Police πŸ“ž 633-1751
U.S. Attorney General πŸ“ž 388-6336
Victims/Crime Compensation πŸ“ž 486-2740

Legal Resources/Services

Clark County District Court Self-Help Ctr πŸ“ž 455-1500
Clark County Law Library πŸ“ž 455-4695
Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada πŸ“ž 386-1070
Nevada Legal Services πŸ“ž 386-0404
Nevada State Bar Lawyer Referral πŸ“ž 382-0504
Senior Law Project πŸ“ž 229-6596

Immigration Assistance

Comm. Action Against Rape πŸ“ž 385-2153
Compassionate Friends πŸ“ž 456-0052
Catholic Charities πŸ“ž 383-8387
Families of Murder Victims πŸ“ž 873-5696
Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada πŸ“ž 386-1070
Nevada Assoc. Latin Amer. (NALA) πŸ“ž 382-6252
Secret Witness πŸ“ž 385-5555
Nevada Legal Services πŸ“ž 386-0404

Miscellaneous Services

Catholic Comm. Services πŸ“ž 385-2662
HELP of Southern Nevada πŸ“ž 369-4357
Jewish Family Services πŸ“ž 732-0304
Henderson Allied Comm. Adv. (HACA) πŸ“ž 486-6770
LDS Family Services πŸ“ž 385-1072
Nevada Assoc. Latin Amer. (NALA) πŸ“ž 382-6252
Lutheran Social Services πŸ“ž 639-1730
United Way of Southern Nevada πŸ“ž 734-2273