If you’re at risk of eviction, follow our tips to prevent being evicted without a hearing. Click here for details.


1. Maintaining Livable Conditions

Your landlord must maintain your rental property in a habitable condition and provide essential services. This includes:

  • Heat
  • Air conditioning
  • Running water
  • Electricity
  • A functioning door lock

2. Money, Money, Money

  • Your landlord must give you 60 days written notice before increasing rent on month-to-month tenancies.
  • Late fees can’t be more than 5% of your periodic rent.
  • Your security deposit can’t be more than three times your rent.
  • Your security deposit can only be used for unpaid rent, cleaning, and repairs beyond reasonable wear and tear at the end of your lease.
  • Any agreement that you make with your landlord should be put in writing (e.g., if your landlord accepts a partial payment of rent, write your understanding of that agreement).

3. Landlord’s Right to Enter

  • A landlord can’t abuse the right to enter the property or use that right to harass you.
  • Unless there is an emergency, your landlord must give you 24 hours’ notice before entering the rental property.

4. You and Your Lease

  • A landlord may not make one-sided changes to the terms in your rental agreement.
  • After you move in, your landlord may only enforce new rules if the new rule applies to all tenants on the premises in a fair way and if it promotes convenience and safety.
  • Your lease cannot waive rights given to you by law.

5. You Should Know . . .

  • It is illegal for your landlord to use “self-help evictions.” They can’t make your living situation unbearable in order to push you off the property or change the locks without court involvement.
  • A landlord must let you know about any foreclosure proceedings related to the rental property.
  • Your landlord cannot discriminate against you for race, religion, color, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, ancestry, familial status, or sex. 

For more information, visit www.civillawselfhelpcenter.org 

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