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Protections from eviction for tenants with pending rental assistance applications have expired.

You will not be guaranteed a completed review of a rental assistance application before an eviction hearing occurs. This means that although you may have an application for rental assistance waiting for a decision, an eviction order can be entered against you at the court hearing. If the court orders an eviction, the constable will post the eviction order on your door within 24 hours and will return 24 to 36 hours later to lock you out. 

For all new rental assistance applications filed after January 23, 2023, assistance is only available in two circumstances: (1) for elderly people and people with disabilities on a fixed income (with proof such as a Social Security disability letter) who cannot afford their rent due to a rent increase in the past 12 months, or (2) a tenant who had a temporary financial hardship/change in circumstances that caused them to fall no more than 12 months behind on the rent but can pay the rent going forward. You can apply at https://chap.clarkcountynv.gov.

To increase the likelihood of being reviewed for CHAP rental assistance before an eviction hearing, it is important that you provide the following documents as quickly as you can:

  • One form of identification (such as driver’s license or government-issued identification containing a photograph)
  • Proof of all income for the previous 60 days for all household members (paystubs, retirement or pension payments, Social Security award letters, survivors benefits, veterans benefits, TANF, unemployment, worker’s compensation, and any other income source) 
  • Proof of current bank balance 
  • Proof of rent increase within the past twelve months (if applying for fixed-income rental assistance)
  • Any documentation regarding the financial hardship/change in circumstances that prevented you from paying rent (if applying for temporary financial hardship rental assistance)
  • Utility bills (if applying for utility assistance) 
  • Copy of lease agreement and any renewals, as applicable

Upload these documents to your rental assistance application page at https://chap.clarkcountynv.gov

If you need assistance uploading your documentation, caseworkers from HELP of Southern Nevada are available to meet with you Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Regional Justice Center (200 Lewis Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89104). Visit Windows 26 through 28 on the first floor of the Regional Justice Center for assistance on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have questions, the Civil Law Self-Help Center has information about rental assistance, eviction diversion, and the summary eviction process, among other things, in person at the Regional Justice Center and on its website at www.civillawselfhelpcenter.org/eviction. 

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