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August 16, 2024

Record Sealing Day site

Do you know someone who can't get a job because of an old criminal conviction? On August 16, Legal Aid Center is partnering with the courts, judiciary, and law enforcement to help seal criminal records for Southern Nevada because here in Nevada we believe in second chances! 

Legal Aid Center will do the legal work at no charge before the event. Judges will be at the event, and participants will receive a court order sealing their records that day. 

To be eligible to seal a criminal record on August 16, 2024, the crime must have happened in Clark County and the applicant must meet the required waiting periods from the completion of parole or probation. Crimes against children, felony DUIs, and sexual offenses can never be sealed.

How to Participate

Those who are interested must register no later than April 26, 2024. To set up an intake appointment for the event, contact our Clean Slate Legal Assistance Program.

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  • Call: 702-386-1070, ext. 4200 (English) or ext. 4400 (Spanish) 
  • Walk-in: 725 E. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89104 (Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.) 

Eligibility Timelines

The clock begins after you are released from prison or jail, when you complete parole or probation, or when your case is closed. If you have gotten into trouble again since your original charges, you may not be able to get your records sealed immediately. All charges must be eligible to be sealed. You can't seal your records if you have active warrants. 

Charge Required Waiting Period
Crimes Against Children (NRS 179D.0357), Felony DUIs, and Sexual Offenses Ineligible
Category A, Crime of Violence (NRS 200.408), Burglary (NRS 205.060) 10 years
Category B, C, or D felony 5 years
Category E felony 2 years
Enhanceable misdemeanors (including Non-felony DUI and Non-felony battery domestic violence)  7 years
Non-felony battery, harassment, stalking, violation of TPO 2 years
Gross misdemeanors, Misdemeanor Battery (NRS 200.481), Harassment (NRS 200.571), Stalking (NRS 200.575), Violation of a Temporary or Extended Order for Protection 2 years
All other misdemeanors and traffic violations 1 year
Acquitted/Dismissed charges or Honorable Discharge on charge under NRS 453.3363 No wait
Charges prosecution declined to prosecute After the Statute of Limitations has run OR 8 years after the arrest OR if agreed by parties


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