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Services Provided

Employees who are eligible under the Legal Service Fund (as well as their spouse and dependents under age 18), can obtain assistance with the following immigration issues:

  • Assistance with understanding legal rights and paths to citizenship
  • Consultation and assistance for
    • Work Permit renewal, I-765
    • Green card renewal/replacement, I-90
    • Immigration file copy requests under the Freedom of Information Act
    • Family Visa Petition for spouse and/or child where a covered employee is the petitioner
    • Adjustment of Status Application, I-485, to obtain lawful permanent residency based on family visa petitions or asylum
    • Removal of Conditional Status on Legal Permanent Resident, I-751
    • Cancellation of Removal for VAWA and LPR cases
  • Assistance with TPS status
  • Assistance with DACA or DACA renewal
  • Assistance to eligible employees facing domestic violence and human trafficking

Making an Appointment

If you need help with a legal issue listed above, please schedule an appointment with our Legal Services Fund Program team by calling 702-386-1550.  Services are provided by appointment only.  The eligible employee must attend the initial appointment.  

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  • Bring your documents.  Bring all documents relating to your legal problem to your initial appointment.  The Legal Service Fund Program team will make copies of your documents and return the originals.
  • Bring the completed Immigration Appointment Packet.  We can save you time if you’re able to complete the forms packet before your appointment.  If you’re able to print the packet, download the Immigration Appointment Packet, fill it out, and bring the completed packet with you to your first appointment, along with any additional documents requested in the packet.  If you can’t print the packet, you can pick up an Immigration Appointment Packet at the Culinary or Bartenders union halls at the information desk, or let us know and we will mail it to you.
  • Bring a valid ID.  You (and your spouse if receiving assistance) must bring a valid ID to your initial appointment.  

Other Resources

If you’d like to learn more about immigration, including information about a FREE immigration class you can attend, visit Legal Aid Center’s website under Immigration


You are eligible for assistance under the Legal Service Fund if you are currently employed by and have worked for a contributing employer of the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 or Bartenders Union Local 165 for an average of 80 hours per month in the 6 months before your request for legal assistance.  The Trustees may make an exception if the hour requirement is not met due to lay-off.  

If you are eligible, your spouse and dependents under 18 are also eligible for assistance.  

The Legal Service Fund team will verify your eligibility prior to your scheduled appointment.

Fees and Costs

As an eligible employee, you will not be charged for the legal services provided under the Legal Service Fund.  However, if your matter requires the payment of fees or costs, such as court filing fees or other application fees, you may have to pay those fees, depending on the nature of your legal matter.

Legal Matters Not Covered

The services available to you under the Legal Service Fund are detailed above.  Legal matters and services other than those detailed above are not covered by the Legal Services Fund.  This includes, for example,