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Henry’s Story

Henry was placed in foster care due to neglect. Subsequently, his parents’ legal rights were terminated. Henry was constantly in trouble at school and was almost expelled because he sought out negative attention so kids would like him. Bouncing from home to home, he wasn't anywhere long enough to learn social skills and ways to get positive attention.

Henry was assigned a Volunteer Education Advocate who represented him in an expulsion proceeding. Subsequently, he wasn't expelled. Henry is now doing well in school, participating in extra-curricular activities and making friends for the first time.

Owen’s Story

Owen had witnessed the traumatic death of his father and he was having trouble in school. The school obtained a signature from an unknown acquaintance who consented to Owen’s expulsion.

The Volunteer Education Advocate investigated the suspicious circumstances around the expulsion and took steps to get Owen evaluated. Based on the evaluation results, the advocate negotiated an Individualized Education Plan designed to meet Owen’s needs. It was also determined the school was not the best fit for Owen, so the advocate got him moved to a more appropriate school where the teachers were actually interested in helping Owen succeed. After a few weeks, Owen expressed that he is much happier at his new school and he is showing signs of improvement.

Emma’s Story

Emma was in first grade and had been diagnosed with PTSD and ADHD. She had difficulties in school, both academically as well as behaviorally. The school refused to make accommodations for her even though a report stated that she had intellectual disabilities.

Her Volunteer Education Advocate scheduled school meetings and advocated for Emma to receive accommodations. The advocate was ultimately successful, and now Emma has a 504 plan that provides her with accommodations that address her specific needs. This young student advanced so quickly that within a few months, the Volunteer Education Advocate was no longer needed.