Access to Justice Endowment
Securing the Future of Access to Justice for all

barbara buckleyGreeting Friends:

When a 17-year-old, who has spent half of her life in foster care, says to one of our attorneys, "I want to be a lawyer just like you, to help kids like me," it reminds us that the work we do changes people's lives. As I celebrate my 28th anniversary with Legal Aid Center, I am so proud of the impact we have had. Thanks to our friends and community partners, and a solid financial base of grants, donations, and state and federal funding, we have grown from one full-time attorney, a staff of 10 and 2,000 clients annually, to a staff of 100 serving 13,000 clients annually, with another 115,000+ who benefit from our legal classes, Ask-A-Lawyer Clinics and two Self-Help Centers - free programs that function as "legal emergency rooms" for people who need trustworthy advice immediately.

Our clients are the city's most vulnerable residents. They are people facing financial ruin and homelessness due to consumer fraud, foreclosure or bankruptcy; domestic violence victims trying to escape their abusers and retain custody of their children; foster children hoping to be adopted by forever families; and seniors and veterans seeking their rights and protection under the law. Thanks to a successful capital campaign in 2007, funded by the generous support of friends like you, we have built a beautiful new headquarters that is debt free, centrally located and close to the courts and bus system.

But our work is not done. Of particular concern are the thousands of children in our foster care system, many of whom never return to their parents. Each one must have a lawyer to be their voice in court, protect their rights and honor their wishes for a better future. We are their legal lifeline, and we will not rest until we can provide every child, every senior, every person who needs us with the representation they deserve.

So we are pleased to announce the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada Access to Justice Endowment, the second phase of our long-term growth plan. This future-looking financial base will allow the expansion of our existing programs, the addition of new legal specialties and the creation of a "bridge" for those years when a past funding source may sunset. Click here to view the brochure.

We look forward to sharing our growth plan with you and answering any questions that you may have. With your support, the future of equal access to justice will be assured for all at-risk Southern Nevadans.


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Barbara Buckley
Executive Director


Join us in our quest to serve the Southern Nevada community in perpetuity and we will extend to you a very special thank you, one that will also live for generations to come. 

Tailored recognition and naming opportunities are available for significant gifts to honor you, a family member, a corporation or other entity. All gifts will be gratefully acknowledged, including recognition in our facility, on our website, in our annual report and at ourannual luncheon.

We look forward to working with you and your advisers to answer your questions and determine a gift that meets your goals.

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